Winter Games!

Winter is upon us and it is windy, cold, and snowy! So what better way to take your mind off of the cold then playing a game! Maybe you’re someplace warm and it’s not windy and freezing when you go outside, but we still think you’ll love to join us in our winter games! 

Here is how they are going to work. We have picked a different “game” to play on Facebook for each month starting in December and going until April. December will be a month of distortion and fuzzy photos, figure out what the photo is supposed to be and you will be entered in the end of the month drawing to win a prize! 

January is the classic “caption this photo” contest. Post your best caption for the photo posted and then like your caption or someone else’s. The two captions with the most likes at the end of each week will be entered in to the end of the month drawing to win a prize!

February is resort trivia month! Test your knowledge on how well you know the Leonard’s and the resort! Each week there will be a question about the Leonard family or the resort. Everyone who guesses correctly will have their name put in to the end of the month drawing for a prize!

March is going to be a lucky guess month! You will have to guess the correct amount of whatever is in the picture. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered in to the end of the month drawing for a prize! (If no one guesses the correct amount directly, we will accept an amount within 5).

April will be our last month for a prize! This will be the easiest month, but the most helpful for us! We will post various questions that we would appreciate your feedback on. Answer each question every week and be entered in to the end of the month prize drawing! 

When a new game starts each month, there will be a blog post that will explain the rules of that game and when the clues/questions and answers will be posted. 

The start of our winter games will begin December 7th. Stay tuned for more details and make sure to watch our Facebook page!

Restrictions and availability do apply to all prizes. Offer only valid for 2017.


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