Broken Down Dam


Are you looking for a wonderland where you and your family members can experience the great magic of nature? Otter Tail County is the perfect family vacation destination for you to explore. Our many beautiful parks are the perfect background for your family trip photos. One of the most exciting parks to take photos of is our Broken Down Dam Park located in the town of Fergus Falls, MN. Back in 1909, some engineers built a dam outside of Fergus Falls on the Otter Tail River, unknowingly right on top of a spring. The dam was part of a hydroelectric station that provided power for the town’s electricity grid. Roughly about a year after it was built, in the middle of a September night, something went seriously wrong. The power of the water in the spring washed the concrete out and caused the dam to crumble. City officials warned the town of the breach and the lights went out. Four dams further downstream were subsequently washed out. Though there were no casualties, homes flooded and farms went under. There really wasn’t much to do with the broken structure except leave it, and we’re glad they did. The giant concrete pieces strewn about in the river look like Roman ruins. While sightseeing our Broken Down Dam, feel free to enjoy a family picnic on our green grass and embrace the sunshine.

The ruins create a beautiful, rustic, scenic attraction! Can’t believe it? Come and see it with your own eyes! Don’t forget to take a unique family picture in front of our world famous Broken Down Dam Park!