Minnesota Fishing Report

If you weren’t in Ottertail County for the walleye fishing opener—you missed out.  The walleye fishing was great.  Anglers of all skill levels were able to catch walleye, and the northern pike couldn’t get enough to eat. Ottertail Country was a fishing boom town.  Nearly every lake in the county had anglers and action.  The walleye are still biting on shiners.  The weekend’s cool weather set the shiner spawn back a bit.  In fact, this morning I found water temps in the upper 40’s!  It really cooled down.  If you’re heading out on the lakes in the next few days be aware that fishing may be a bit more challenging then it was last weekend.  When water temps fall back to low 50’s or upper 40’s walleye, along with other species, seem to be more negatively effected by barometer shifts and front changes.  When the water is warmer then 55 degrees, fish seem to get over major weather changes much quicker then when the water is cold.  Also, pan fishermen might have to make some adjustments.  Panfish who had made homes in the shallows the past week or two, may have retreated to deeper water.  Once the sun shines for a day, however, they will hurry back—spawning time for crappies isn’t far off.   Fish Ottertail County walleye with shiner minnows—first—and when they don’t seem to work try night crawlers and leeches-it’s important to bring several bait types along this time of year.  Be attentive to your walleye fishing presentations.  Yesterday my group caught all their fish on Lindy Rigs and today we caught all our walleye on jigs.  It’s always amazing how quickly they want something different!  Fish for your walleye and pike and perch between the deep weed line and the shoreline.  Until the shiner minnows finish up their spawn, most walleye will remain in that zone.  Good luck fishing in Ottertail County this week!
Ross Hagemeister, Meister Guide Service, meisterguideservice.com
Otter Tail Lakes Country Tourism Association (http://ottertaillakescountry.com/)