Social Events

Our activities at East Silent Resort aren’t just for kids and teens. We also offer a variety of social events for the entire family. While we are constantly coming up with new family activities, the following events are offered each week during our summer season. We hope you’ll join us!

Ice Cream Sundaes
We love ice cream here at East Silent Resort. And we’ve come up with dozens of reasons to eat it. Each Tuesday evening, our guests are invited for free ice cream sundaes. After building your own delicious sundae, enjoying great conversation and picturesque views of East Silent Lake. This timeless tradition is not only a great excuse to eat ice cream…but also a great way to get to know your neighbors for the week!

Bonfire & S’mores
Not only will we start the fire, but we will bring the marshmallows, crackers and chocolate bars too! It’s a nice way to bring the family together or get to know others staying at the resort. Many long time friendships have had their beginnings around the fire at lakeside. Who knows, maybe we will all get to hear some good stories or start a sing-a-long.

Rush Hour on East Silent Lake
Getting up early isn’t for everyone. However, for early risers, Rush Hour on East Silent Lake is a favorite activity. Every Wednesday morning, we load the pontoon with hot coffee and fresh baked goods. At 7 A.M., the pontoon departs for a leisurely cruise around East Silent Lake. In addition to good treats and conversation, you’ll experience the magnificent nature of East Silent Lake.