Big Pine Lake

Another famous lake in Otter Tail county is also within driving distance from our East Silent Resort–Big Pine Lake. The beautiful Big Pine Lake is a 4,730-acre lake located in northeastern Otter Tail County approximately three miles east of Perham, MN. Big Pine Lake is part of the Otter Tail River Watershed and is connected to Little Pine and Rush Lakes via the Otter Tail River.sunrise over big pine lake_full

With over 4700 acres of water to fish, Big Pine Lake is a fisherman’s dream.  The lake has a reputation as one of the premier walleye angling lakes in Otter Tail County. Black crappie, northern pike, and yellow perch are also abundant. The prolificacy of these species can be attributed to the abundance of suitable spawning habitat that is available.

You will also have chance to see many precious emergent aquatic plants such as bulrush, cattail, which provide spawning areas for fish such as northern pike, largemouth bass, and panfish.