Ownership Opportunities & Advantages

When you purchase a vacation home at East Silent Resort you are purchasing a deeded interest in a vacation home. This is a prime piece of Minnesota vacation real estate that you own, with all of the amenities of a luxury lake resort, without the responsibilities of maintenance, repair or upkeep. With several ownership opportunities to choose from, we know the most difficult decision will be deciding whether whole ownership or a fractional quarter share is best for your family’s lifestyle. Regardless of the ownership model you choose, these Minnesota lakeshore cabins allow you to fully enjoy your entire vacation, while we take care of the housekeeping and maintenance upkeep.

Whole Ownership Opportunities

Some owners prefer to purchase the whole unit for 52 weeks of use per year. This, of course, allows unlimited flexibility on when to use the vacation home personally, and when to rent your home for rental income. It’s totally up to you to decide how to spend your time. Come and bring the family for a whole week. Or escape to Otter Tail Country for a day or two of personal time. Let a group of your friends use it. Donate one of your weeks to a charity auction. It’s your time to do with as you please.

Fractional Ownership Opportunities

Other owners prefer to purchase a vacation home fractionally (either ¼, ½, or ¾ of a vacation home). Just like whole ownership, your purchase entitles you to use the entire home – and all of the resort amenities.

A quarter-share allows you one full week at least every month, all year long, for a total of 13 weeks. Thus, when you purchase your home, you receive exclusive use to a “basket” of 13 weeks each year (more than the amount of time most families ever spend in a vacation rental). These designated weeks begin on Friday afternoon and extend to the following Friday morning. If there is a time when you would like to stay in your home during an alternate week, we will try to arrange a trade with the other owners. If you are unable to use your home during one of your weeks, we will look for a renter at your request.

*East Silent Resort is currently offering eight quarter-shares in our first tier lakeside units. The fractional shares are not currently registered under the Minnesota Subdivided Land Sales Practices Act and are exempt under Minn. Stat. § 83.26, Subdivision 2.

Why choose ownership?

Owners of East Silent Resort vacation homes have chosen well. The lifestyle advantages begin with a maintenance-free vacation home…this is not your parent’s cabin where half of your vacation time was spent cutting the grass and making home repairs. This is Your vacation home, to suit your family’s needs and comforts. You’ll arrive each trip to a freshly cleaned home, and leave without a care knowing that the housekeeping staff will see to the clean-up. You’ll have the equity of ownership with the ease of rental, and the advantage of amenities like a lodge, marina, and boats without the associated cost and upkeep.

Our housekeeping and maintenance staff will have your home ready to welcome you upon arrival. This allows you to spend all of your vacation time, actually relaxing and enjoying yourself with leisure activities, not with typical cabin chores.

Rental Management Program
All of the vacation homes at East Silent Resort must be included in the Resort rental program as required under the Shoreland Management Ordinance of Otter Tail County. As a vacation home owner at East Silent Resort, your participation in the rental management program ensures that your investment is well looked after and maintained, while being professionally managed. Each owner decides what portion of their time they release into the rental program. We handle all advertising, reservations, cleaning, maintenance and guest services.

Reputable Builder / Familiar Management
East Silent Resort has contracted Andy Pettow Construction for the construction of these luxury vacation homes. The reputation of Andy Pettow Construction goes back 22 years and spans hundreds of residential and commercial properties. As a vacation home owner at East Silent Resort, you benefit from a management model that is personal, experienced, and family owned and operated. A timeless family tradition! That is the single biggest difference between East Silent Resort and other vacation properties. What was built by a family in 1915 is still managed by a family 100 years later. The design and construction of your vacation home are built to last, as are our relationships with guests and owners alike.

Premier Lake & Location
Did you know Otter Tail County was listed as a Top 10 places to live and boat by Boating Magazine? East Silent Resort is situated in the heart of Otter Tail Country – home to over 1,000 lakes! Moreover, East Silent Lake is one of Minnesota’s finest recreation lakes. This 310 acre, spring-fed lake is well known for its fishing and recreational activities. East Silent Resort is a special 50 acre property canopied with mature trees that provide natural beauty in all seasons. The shoreline measures 800 feet and includes a marina and sandy swimming beach that is perfect for warm sunny days. Looking for activities off the water? East Silent Resort is only minutes from Perham, Pelican Rapids, Detroit Lakes, and Fergus Falls. These surrounding communities offer a variety of unique stores, entertainment, and restaurants.

Recreational Opportunities and Resort Amenities
You are buying more than a cabin. These Minnesota lake homes come with complete access to an extraordinary variety of recreational opportunities. All of the programs created for guests of the resort are also available for you to enjoy…pontoon rides, ice cream socials, children/teen activities, campfires with the pre-cut wood, and of course, partake in the number one favorite resort activity…s’mores!

No assurances are made as to the nature or availability of these amenities. Some amenities are subject to additional fees.