Vacation Home 4 – Family Resort Activities

While taking photos today the sun was shining so bright! It was a great reminder of how beautiful it gets at the resort. Of course we do live in Minnesota and unfortunately we do have a fair share of days that aren’t as enjoyable. Such as when it’s really windy or it’s raining. This can really put a damper on your vacation if you can’t go to the beach or enjoy the sunshine. That’s why it’s our job to come up with family resort activities that can help keep your family busy on a rainy day. Having our new lodge this summer was a tremendous help with that. There were quite a few times when it was time for the morning children activities but it was raining, not just a light drizzle either, it was down-pouring and chilly. Of course we didn’t want the kids to sit outside in that kind of weather, so we brought the activities in the lodge! The part of the lodge that has a higher ceiling was a perfect spot to play with our parachute. We honestly think the kids enjoyed it more inside because they were trying to hit the ceiling with the balls! Everyone was laughing and screaming just having a great time. Some times we got lucky and the rain would pass, but other times it was just one of those days where it rained for quite a while. So for our afternoon youth activity we would watch a movie on our projector and screen, and we handed out some popcorn. It was great to have a space where families could come and enjoy themselves in a space that wasn’t cramped.

Family Resort Activities

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