A Family Tradition

Minnesota Family Vacation family photoMany families have traditions, for the Cramer/Anderson family it’s coming to East Silent Lake Resort. Their family members have been vacationing at the resort for the past 56 years and there is no end in sight for this family tradition that has spanned five generations. When they first started coming to the resort it was strictly a fishing resort and for the most part children were not allowed. They said that the owner back then didn’t even like people water skiing because it interrupted the fishing. Since then, the resort has become a family oriented resort focusing on both fishing and fun for the entire family and the Cramer/Anderson family is glad about that. They love the improvements/additions the Leonard family has made: the new playground, the kid and youth activities, the great new water toys (floating slide and trampoline), the lighted walkways to the beach, the fire pit with, of course, s’mores and the updated cabins (some with air conditioning!). For the Cramer/Anderson family the resort has become a very special place where they gather as an extended family for two weeks every summer. They have celebrated many “firsts” at the resort including birthdays and anniversaries. In 2009 they even had a wedding on the beach at the resort.

Minnesota Family Vacation family photoOver the 56 years that the Cramer/Anderson family has been vacationing at East Silent Lake Resort they have welcomed many family members, a couple of babysitters and many friends. This year they brought with them the youngest guest the Leonard family has ever welcomed to the resort, eight day old Kaylor! Everyone was excited for Kaylor’s arrival, no one more than his great-grandfather who, despite having three granddaughters who love to fish, was quoted saying “Now, I have a little fishing buddy”. His excitement was probably magnified due to fact that Kaylor is apparently the first boy born to the family in 170 years!

The family has stayed in several of the cabins over the years and for over 20 years cabin 9 was their home while at the resort. Most recently they have been staying in the Bear Den and because they love the location they don’t plan on giving it up any time soon.

Fishing, family, friends and fun are what keep the Cramer/Anderson family coming back to the resort year after year. They feel fortunate to have met so many great friends during their time at the resort. They have even started a new tradition with another family who vacations at the same time where on one of the evenings they get together and share their favorite wine and some yummy appetizers. They not only have a reunion with their family but also with the friends they have met over the years. Some of the family members even come back in the fall for a fall fishing trip.

Minnesota Family Fishing Vacation family photoThe Cramer/Anderson family love to stay at East Silent Lake Resort and encourage you to do the same. Here are some reasons they gave as to why they think you should also vacation with us: it’s an awesome place to vacation, clean, well-kept, family friendly, and there is tons to do, (they especially like the sunrise pontoon cruise, pony rides, sand castle contests, making bird feeders, ice cream sundaes, the many water activities and the free coffee in the lodge) and they say the hospitality is second to none. They also shared some wonderful things about the Leonard family which are all true and something you will just have to come and experience for yourself!

By: Emily Schneider, 2014 Summer Intern