Vacation Home 4 – Lakes Country Resort Remodeled

We were finally able to get back out to take some pictures and WOW! Our construction crew is cruising right along. As you can see from the pictures the top section of the house has been built and the stairs have been put in! Our lakes country resort has come a long ways in 100 years! East Silent Resort was established in 1915 by Charles Frederick Bublitz. Since it’s start in 1915, we have made updates to the resort to keep it family focused. We offer one bedroom cabins all the way up to a four bedroom for any size family. Need more space then that? That’s where our luxury vacation homes come in. They are designed as lock-offs so if you just need one more bedroom, rather than renting an entire unit, you can rent a guest suite. The guest suites are perfect for a winter or spring getaway. There are always activities going on in lakes country no matter what time of the year it is so don’t worry about not finding anything to do!

Lakes Country Resort Remodeled

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