Minnesota Birding Report

This is the Northwest Minnesota Birding Report for Thursday, October 16, 2014 sponsored by the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce. You may also hear this report by calling (218)847-5743 or 1-800-433-1888.

The last week or so has been pleasant fall weather. Colors are past peak and many leaves are now on the ground. Yard cleanup is in full swing! Feeders are hosting the last sparrows, and the yearlong residents now.

Jesse Ellis reported a RED CROSSBILL at Lake Irene in Douglas County on October 10.

In Hubbard County, Marshall Howe reported BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE, DARK-EYED JUNCO, and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW on October 15. COMMON LOONS and one BONAPARTE’S GULL were also seen .

From Polk County, Emily Hutchins reported a single SNOW BUNTING at the Nature Conservancy Office along MN 32 in Polk County on October 10. Shelley Steva and I found a WESTERN GREBE on Oak Lake near Erskine today, October 16, and a possible late SABINE’S GULL flew over the Erskine lagoons while we were there. We were unable to relocate the bird for further study as it apparently kept on going. Among the ducks seen at both locations were MALLARDS, REDHEADS, RING-NECKED DUCKS, LESSER SCAUP, and BUFFLEHEAD. Several PIED-BILLED GREBES were seen, and a conservative estimate of 5000 AMERICAN COOTS were seen along the east shore of Cameron Lake at Erskine.

Thanks to Emily Hutchins, Jesse Ellis, and Marshall Howe for their reports.

Please report bird sightings to Jeanie Joppru by email, no later than Thursday each week, at ajjoppru@mncable.net OR call the Detroit Lakes Chamber’s toll free number: 1-800-542-3992. Detroit Lakes area birders please call 847-9202. Please include the county where the sighting took place. The next scheduled update of this report is Thursday, October 23, 2014