Minnesota Fishing Report

Winter in Otter Tail Lakes Country continues. Cold weather rules again. Its back to fishing in portable shelters and don’t get rid of the auger extension just yet. The lakes have shed the snow from the surface which makes travel easy, but watch those access points. The panfish are biting around Otter Tail Lakes Country, but you have to find them. The best way to locate panfish is to keep moving around. Sunnies and crappies can be found around 10-15 feet using wax worms and crappie minnows. The concept of “inhibited mobility,” not a flat tire or a broken leg bone, but from fishing gear that isn’t working properly, therefore, inhibiting your movement or quest for fish. So make sure you have a good auger so as to not waste time and energy drilling holes to find some fish. Spring is around the corner and the weather forecast looks great for fishing this week. For those of us who like to stand on the lake in the spring air and watch geese fly by and have good action, this should be a good week for it. Keep your hooks sharp and your bait fresh. Use practical lures rather then fancy ones and bring a good auger. Good Luck in Otter Tail Lakes Country.

Ross Hagemeister