Minnesota Fishing Report

IMG951514Its Wednesday here in Otter Tail Lakes Country, the sun is shining and the fishing is great! The fishing has even been good on those rainy days we keep having! The fourth of July is just a couple days away and many will be heading to Otter Tail Lakes Country to go fishing. Let me tell you where the fish have been hanging out. Look for water about 10-20 feet deep using night crawler, leaches, and a few minnows for those delicious Walleyes. In about the same depth in the weed lines the Northern Pike’s are biting on suckers. If you are looking for Bass, get out your leaches and spinners and fish a water depth of 8 feet in the weed lines or stick around your dock with the kids, they are there too. Lastly, for all you Crappie and Sunfish lovers out there look for weed lines about 15-17 feet deep and use your crappie minnows and leaches to reel them in. Have a wonderful week fishing and we hope to see you in Otter Tail Lakes Country for some great summer fun!