Minnesota Fishing Report

Guided FishingIt has been an interesting weather week here in Otter Tail Lakes Country. This weekend the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. Instead of wearing t-shirts and shorts in the boat we had on jeans and a jacket. The fishing was still good if you knew where to look and what bait to use. If you don’t know where to look or what bait to use, keep reading! The Walleye were found in depths of 10-20 feet using jigs with minnows and snells with leaches or minnows. In depths of 15-20 feet and weed lines is where Northern Pike are spending their time and they are biting on sucker minnows and snells. Bass were caught using spinner baits and jigs with minnows near docks at water depths of 8 feet. Lastly, find your panfish, Sunfish and Crappies, in water depths of 7-15 feet along weed lines. Catch them using crappie minnows, wax worms, and night crawlers. Have a wonderful week fishing and we hope to see you in Otter Tail Lakes Country for some great summer fun!