Minnesota Fishing Report

WalleyeThis September weather is like a Katy Perry song, it’s hot then it’s cold. A typical beginning of autumn for Minnesota so, bring a jacket and the sun screen just in case. When looking for Walleye find water depths of 10 to 20 feet and use your jigs during the day or Rapalas in the evening. If you are on the hunt for some panfish (Sunfish and/or Crappies) anchor down in about 8 to 10 foot weed lines down to about 15 feet at the deepest and use jigs with wax worms, night crawlers, or crappie minnows. Anglers are still finding Bass in 5 to 8 feet deep weed beds using spinner baits, Senkos, and leaches. Get some sucker minnows and head to 12 to 20 feet weed lines to fish for some Northern Pike. Lastly, Muskies are found in waters 10 to 20 feet deep during the day and water 10 to 15 feet deep in the evening. Use your spinner baits, bulldogs, and jigs to catch those monsters. Have a wonderful week fishing and we hope to see you in Otter Tail Lakes Country for some great early fall fun!