Minnesota Fishing Report

It has been a brisk week for ice fishing, and it doesn’t seem like this weekend will be much warmer. Its days/weeks like fishthis that it is extremely nice to have either a fish house or a pop-up, and not have to hole hop. Having to stay in the fish house because of the cold isn’t bad though. It becomes the perfect time to catch up with family and friends. You can reminisce about all the great fishing memories and if your family has a competitive side, like mine, pretty soon you’ll be discussing who the fish king/queen is, and who has caught the biggest fish! That is the nice part about fishing in Otter Tail County, if you are having a friendly competition between your friends and family, if you do not have the luck you want at one lake, just simply try the others! Have a great weekend fishing and stay warm! Here is this week’s fishing report.

Cooler temperatures have arrived, and the bite may slow a bit during this cold front; expect it to improve as the weather stabilizes. Crappies and sunnies continue to offer the best action on area lakes. Crappies can still be found suspended off the sharp breaks close to deeper basin areas. The sunfish are on the weed edges and in the weed pockets. Jigs with waxworms and minnows are working best. Northern pike are being pulled from the shallow weeds; tip-ups with sucker minnows or shiners are producing the most fish. Ice conditions remain excellent, and travel on area lakes continues to be very easy due to little snow cover on the ice