Minnesota Fishing Report

photoThere’s some great fall fishing action going on in Ottertail County. Most species have left the shoreline areas and relocated to the deep weedlines. This is definitely the case for walleyes, sunfish, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Please remember, however, that the smallmouth bass season is now catch-and-release only. One aspect that makes fall fishing so great is that multiple species of fish can be found concentrated in groups, making fishing all the more exciting! Crappies can be found deep at the base of steep drops and over basin type areas. Crappies position themselves deeper and closer to lake basins in late fall, suspending about 5-10 feet off the bottom so they are easily seen using sonar. Walleye action has been great in Ottertail County’s larger walleye producers, but if you don’t get a strike in 10 minutes or less, move to the next spot. Nightcrawlers, suckers and redtails have been best, but jigs tipped with fatheads will catch fish too.