East Silent Lake is best known for its walleye. However, there are many species of fish for guests to catch. Most recently we’ve been impressed by some large northern pike. Check out these great photos!
Lori displays a nice 6.5 lb. northern pike!

Darel had an interesting week at East Silent Resort. Check out this 15 lb. monster.
The giant mouth on this fish was most impressive.

Darel shows off another great northern…9 lbs (I think).
We were all amazed at how long and skinny this fish was!

Did You Know???
Did you know the largest northern pike caught in Minnesota weighed 45 pound, 12 ounces. It was taken on Basswood Lake in 1929. The world record pike (55 pounds, 1 ounce) was caught from a lake in Germany. Northern pike look a lot like muskies. But pike have light markings on a dark body background. Muskies usually have dark markings on a light body background.