New Lodge Construction – It’s a Maze

The lodge is progressing nicely! Looking at the photos it kind of looks like a maze. You’re not sure which way to go, but you eventually find your way around. That’s how the resort is if you’ve never been here. The first time you come to East Silent Lake Resort there is just a rush of adrenaline for children and a sense of peace for parents. The kids want to find the beach, the playground, the volleyball net, the basketball hoop and any other place they can have a great time at. The parents start to relax after a long drive knowing they’ve finally reached their destination and the kids aren’t yelling at each other in the car and asking when they’re finally going to get here. After wandering around the resort, you’ll find all of our great amenities. The water toys including the slide, trampoline, and water mat, the kayaks and paddle boats, and all the docks for fishing. Going away from the beach you’ll find yourself surround by nature. Trees and wildlife abound at the resort. There is plenty of space to take walks and just relax and enjoy your vacation.

Our new lodge will be one of our greatest amenities at the resort providing your family with the space you want to relax in. We will have comfy couches and chairs throughout so you can just sit back and relax.

Resort Amenities

We have a number of amenities and recreational equipment available to our guests, to learn more about what we offer, check out our Overview page.