Ode to a Fish House

The fish cleaning house at East Silent Lake Resort has a long and storied history. It has changed dramatically over the years….it’s location, size, amenities and construction. But certain things about the fish house never changes; most importantly, the relationships that it nurtures. Enjoy!

Ode to a Fish House

You, dear fish cleaning house, are nothing more than a roof and four walls,
Made mostly from repurposed lumber.
But despite your modest décor,
Your structure is suitable for any fish’s last slumber.

For the fish I suspect,
You are the grim reaper.
You greet baskets and stringers with delight,
Patiently waiting for the boats offshore to catch one last “keeper.”

The number of fish…
Well, it’s just astounding.
Walleye, Sunfish, Northern and Bass,
When the Nebraskan’s arrive, they sure take a pounding.

While it’s true, fish may despise you,
Your self-confidence need not languish.
You’re beloved by many because without you,
Fish tacos and sandwiches we must relinquish.

More important than your utility
Is the social climate you create.
A place for all, young and old,
To mingle and congregate.

If your walls could talk, what would you tell us?
Stories of men joking, husbands alongside their wives?
Or would you share stories of kids playing hide-and-seek,
And people complaining of dull knives?

Would you tell us about the single-mom
Who could “out clean” any pro?
Or the lifelong friendship between two old men,
And the tears one wept when his friend could no longer go?

Please tell us about the ice-cold beer,
And the kids who snuck a taste.
But don’t forget about grandpa’s rules,
How no fish went to waste.

Tell us about the father and his kids,
The unconditional love he showed, the lessons that he taught.
And how the time he spent with them
Was more important than the number of fish caught.

As you can see old fish cleaning house,
You are more than sticks and nails.
You represent our memories, family history, friendships,
And all that life entails.