Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum

The Otter Tail County has a rich history. Are your family members fancied by history, culture, or art? It’s easy to have a fantastic historical journey, learn about interesting cultural stories, and enjoy a visual art feast by going to the Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum at 1110 West Lincoln Avenue, Fergus Falls.

The Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum is recognized as one of the top county historical societies in Minnesota, opening all year around for visiting. The Otter Tail County Historical Society is a private, nonprofit organization whose purpose is the collection, preservation and interpretation of Otter Tail County’s history and heritage, which makes it an active partner in the educational and cultural life of Otter Tail County.

The museum features exhibits which chronicle the development of the whole Otter Tail County from the Native Americans to the 20th Century. The museum provides the means to tell the many stories of the area from Ojibwa and Dakota tribes and the first settlers to beginning of logging and farming.

Imagine the good old days, why not take your children to this wonderful place with rich history, where you can enjoy the smell of the old air in Otter Tail County at the same time. You will find timelier tourist information, plus displays and exhibits including recreated printer’s shop, an early dentist office, general store, heirloom garden, and E.T. Barnard Library. Space in the park next to the museum is available for picnic lunches. Don’t hesitate to have a delicious picnic with your family. Strollers and wheelchairs are available. You can also have a wonderful tour that covers every aspect of the museum, while an in-depth tour emphasizes a specific area of the museum. Specialized tours can be arranged according to your needs. Walking tour options including going to Historic Downtown Fergus Falls, Historic Downtown Pelican Rapids, Fergus Falls River Walk, Historic Lake Alice, Fergus Falls and Regional Treatment Center State Hospital.

The gift shop offers items for every age group, which on site handcrafted jewelry and a wide assortment of interesting games and toys for children including coloring books, arrowheads, paper dolls, twig crayons, farm animals, wildlife figures and storybooks. Adults will find local history books, unique hand-carved otter letter openers and many hand-crafted items. Take a part of Otter Tail County home with your family.

You have made your first right step by choosing to come to Otter Tail County, Minnesota for your vacation; and don’t hesitate to make your second right step by coming to Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum for a wonderful historical trip!


Otter Tail County Historical society Address: 1110 West Lincoln Avenue, Fergus Falls.

Open time: weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday hours run from 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. June-August.

Phone number: (218) 736-6038.

Facebook :