Recipes for the Resort: Chipotle Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini

This super easy recipe is quick and will make the perfect lunch while on vacation at East Silent Lake Resort. The whole family will enjoy this Chipotle Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini recipe from It only takes about 10 minutes to make, which is perfect for a fast lunch and then back out to the lake for the rest of the day!


Chipotle Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini


• 2 slices Sourdough bread

• ¼ tablespoon Butter

• 4 slices Boar’s Head Brand Chipotle Chicken Breast

• 1 slice Tomato

• 2 strips bacon cooked and cut in half

• 2 slices Boar’s Head Brand Chipotle Gouda cheese

• 2 tablespoons Ranch dressing



1. Preheat the Panini press. (If you don’t have a Panini press, just make this sandwich like a grilled cheese sandwich on the stove or fryer.)

2. Lightly spread butter on one side of each slice of bread.

3. On non-buttered side of one slice of bread, layer ingredients in the following order: Chipotle Chicken Breast, tomato, bacon, cheese, and ranch dressing.

4. Place the remaining slice of bread, butter side up on top of sandwich, and place on Panini press. Cook for 3-5 minutes until desired brownness reached.


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