Recipes for the Resort: Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Thanksgiving is almost here! Just a few days away. Check out this one last Thanksgiving recipe to share with your family and friends. Today I am thankful for cooking and this recipe from Try this recipe for yourself, let us know in the comments what you are thankful for today and what you thought of this dish!

thanksgiving-treats-1024x656 1 Package of fudge striped cookies

 1 Package of miniature peanut butter cups

 1 Tube of decorating icing (orange, yellow or white)

Step 1: Lay the fudge strip cookie upside down on a plate or piece of wax paper, so that the chocolate bottom is facing up.

Step 2: Take the tube of decorating icing and squeeze a dollop of it onto the center of the cookie.

Step 3: Take a miniature peanut butter cup and unwrap it. Place the peanut butter cup (wide part down) on top of the dollop of icing and press down.

Step 4: Take the tube of decorating icing and squeeze a little dot onto the peanut butter cup, so that it resembles the buckle of the Pilgrim hat. Let the cookies sit for a few minutes so the frosting can set.

Remember to be thankful! Check out East Silent Lake Resort’s Pinterest Page and “Thanksgiving with ESR” board for more great recipes and ideas like this!