Fishing Boat – 14′ Lund w/ 9 HP Electric


  • Hourly

    $50 for 8 hrs
    $6.25/hour each additional hour 

  • Daily


  • Weekly


When available, watercraft are available for rent by non-guests. All watercraft must stay on East Silent Lake. Resort amenities, including aqua park, are not included with the rental.
Non-Guest Rental Rate: $100 for 8 hours; $5/hour each additional hour (+ gas)



* Lease agreement and waiver required.
* Lessee will observe all of East Silent Resorts Rules and Regulations.
* Lessee will observe all Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Boating Rules and Regulations 
* Equipment will only be operated by persons 21 years of age and older and individuals listed on lease agreement.
* Take extreme caution to stay in water at least three feet deep, avoid rock and danger marked areas, and use only channels that have been marked for boats.
* Stay 100 yards away from docks, swimmers, fisherman and other boaters.
* Familiarize yourself with all mechanical safety features to insure safe operations.
* Avoid excessive speed through channels and congested areas.
* Be courteous to other boaters and use extreme caution around all other watercraft.