Resort Recreation: Nyberg Park

Nyberg ElephantIn Otter Tail Lakes Country a lot of time can be spent fishing or relaxing, but we have many other things to do. For example, a visit to Nyberg Park should be on your to-do list! This is no ordinary park. Grass and warm sunshine is a given, but there is something a little extra: sculptures. Everyone will enjoy seeing the work of Ken Nyberg. Mr. Nyberg started this oversized art work as a joke with some friends and it turned into something much more than he thought it would. Most of the pieces are made out of recycled or donated metals. While some pieces have to fend for themselves against the elements, others are painted. For a little teaser of what the park and town has to hold, see the image here. This elephant is entirely made out of lawnmower blades. This wonderful sculpture park, and some of the sculptures that can be found throughout the town, is in Vining, MN. East Silent Lake Resort is just under an hour drive to Vining, MN. It is well worth the drive for family fun!