Resort Recreation: Spanky’s Stone Hearth

Spanky'sHave you ever been to the restaurant named Spanky’s Stone Hearth? If not you are missing out! Spanky’s re-opened in May 2011 after a devastating kitchen fire. Owner Josh Hanson is happy to be open and thanks everyone for their support back then and now. The original name of Stone Hearth came from the fireplace in the back of the dining room which was built in 1946 along with the original restaurant. There is now a new Stone Hearth in its place that was built in 2006. As one can find on their website they are known for a few dishes. Dishes such as the charcoal grilled steak, world renowned BBQ ribs, the au gratin potatoes, and garlic bacon sauerkraut mashed potatoes. I personally love pasta and quite enjoy their chicken alfredo pasta. Spanky’s Stone Hearth is about 25 minutes away from East Silent Lake Resort in Otter Tail Lakes Country. So, head on over and grab a bite to eat at Spanky’s.