New Lodge Construction – Today’s Playground Tomorrow’s Activities Center

The construction of our new lodge is underway! In a few shorts months this area will host our new 8,000 square foot lodge, rather than being an epic playground for Louis and Maggie. Now they’re enjoying climbing the enormous dirt mounds, but soon they will enjoy the luxuries that the lodge will have to offer kids! Activities such as movies on our projector screen, an ample amount of games and books, buying ice cream and candy at our store (which we think is everyone’s favorite), and plenty of space to run around in and just have a great time.

Not only can kids enjoy the activities the new lodge has to offer, but they also can enjoy the children activities and youth program provided by the resort!

Future Activities Provided by the Lodge

The new lodge will offer new activities such watching movies and events such as football,  on our big screen with our projector, bingo, and much more! Not only will it provide new activities, it will also be a great space to host our children’s program in the event it is raining and we cannot have it outside.