March Winter Games

February is almost over and that means we are one step closer to summer! Laying on the beach, playing in the sand, water sports, it’s all just around the corner. That also means that we are going to start a new winter game. For March we are going to play the “guessing” game. Such as how many pieces of candy are in this jar, etc. This month just guessing will get your name put in the end of the month  drawing, but the closer you are the better! Here is how it will work:

Your guess (correct or not)- will get you entered for the prize.

Within 25 lower or higher – you will get your name entered twice!

Guessing right on – you will get your name entered three times!

Get the whole family involved on this one and place your bets on who will be the closest! The question will be posted on Wednesday’s at 9 a.m. and the answer will be posted on that Friday at 8 p.m. Names will be entered using the previously stated system in to our end of the month prize drawing. This month the prize is a guided hike on the North Country Trail at Maplewood State Park. 

Restrictions and availability do apply to all prizes. Offer only valid 2017. Contact us for more details to plan your getaway!