Minnesota Fishing Report

It’s April now and snowstorms are still in the forecast. Winter has become tiresome, even for the most hungry ice fishermen. There is very little fishing on the lakes anymore. It’s the time of year when the lakes seem to rest, and man finds other things to accomplish off the lake. If you do fish this week, continue to keep an eye on accesses in Ottertail. Some lakes will still be accessible via vehicle, but some will only be foot-worthy. Foot travel is recommended on all lakes at this point, especially on warm days so you don’t get unwanted “surprises” when you get back to the access. The new fishing tip of week is to pay attention to the upper water column, right under the ice. It’s a tricky zone and the fish won’t mark easily on your Vexlar or electronics because there’s almost no “cone” or “read area.” You should be able to stand by your hole and look into the lake, see your bait just under the ice, and see fish eat your stuff. Panfish travel very near the ice sheet when the melt is in full swing and they are there strictly because of food and feeding. Crappies and sunnies can be found around 10-15 feet feet using wax worms and crappie minnows. Good luck in Otter Tail Lakes Country this week.

Ross Hagemeister