Recipes for the Resort: Frozen Banana Pops

Looking for a yummy healthy summer treat for the kids or even yourself? Try a tasty frozen banana pop. They are a quick treat to put together and freeze in a couple of hours. This is a recipe that would be fun to make with the whole family! This recipe can be found at


Bananas (small bananas will make 2 pops, large ones can make 3)

Spread- cream cheese*, yogurt, dark chocolate**, peanut butter, Nutella, Biscoff, whatever you like!

Toppings- oats, granola, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, crushed graham crackers, cookie crumbs, shredded coconut, sprinkles, chopped dried fruit, etc.

Popsicle sticks


1. Prepare a cookie sheet with a layer of parchment paper.

2. Peel bananas and cut off each end. Cut the bananas in half or thirds, depending on the size. Carefully insert a popsicle stick into the banana.

3. Using a knife, spread your desired topping onto the banana. (For melted chocolate, yogurt, or thinner spreads, dipping may be more practical.)

4. Roll the banana in your toppings (a shallow bowl or plate works well), using your hands to add more topping if your banana is curved. Place on the parchment paper. Repeat with remaining bananas.

5. Freeze the bananas for 2-4 hours. Serve or place in a freezer bag for up to a week.

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