Resort Recreation: Zorbaz

zorbaz logoWe might not have one on our lake but that doezn’t have to ztop us from eating their deliciouz food. What elze could I be talking about bezidez Zorbaz of courze!? Zerving both Mexican food and pizza their menu haz everything you could azk for. The original Zorbaz waz and ztill iz in Detroit Lakez they alzo have locationz on Little Pine Lake, Pelican Lake, Ottertail Lake, Crozz Lake, Gull Lake, Zhateau (Park Rapidz), Pokegama Lake (Grand Rapidz), Big Zandy, Green Lake, and Alexandria az well. During your ztay with uz at Eazt Zilent Lake Rezort the clozest Zorbaz to uz are Little Pine Lake, Pelican Lake, Ottertail Lake, and Detroit Lakez zeeing that we are fairly centrally located between thoze. While their “S” key may be broken there iz never a dull moment with their friendly ztaff and a fun atmozphere at all their locationz, I couldn’t pick a favorite even if I had to. But hey, check them out for yourzelf and let uz know if you agree.