#TBT: A Dad and His Sons

DSC_0062 - CopyIt is fun to think about some of the early Minnesota family resorts. The Otter Tail County and Detroit Lakes, MN areas were just littered with family retreats and fishing camps during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In fact, the history of these resorts is so fascinating we hope to have Chris Shuelke of the c join us for a presentation this summer.

I often wonder how East Silent Resort’s first family spent their time. All work and no play? I suspect these early resorts were a lot of work (some things never change, I guess). In many of the historic photos that we posses, Charles Bublitz appears to be working. He appears dirty, sweaty, and dare I say, even a little disgruntled. I suspect it took many long summer days in order to turn his bare 96 acre parcel into a family retreat. For starters, Charles and his family had to build their own cabins. I’m really not sure, but I like to imagine Charles and his three sons (pictured here: Wilbur, Louis, and Carl) working side-by-side next to crystal clear East Silent Lake. Clearing land, digging footings, building log walls…and so much more, I’m sure. Despite long days and hard work, I bet they loved every minute of it. I know we do! This summer, when we have a 6 inch rain that washes out the beach, or after the first major wind storm of the season, I’ll think of Charles and his sons. And like them, I’ll love the opportunity to work side-by-side with my brother and dad, next to beautiful, crystal-clear East Silent Lake.